The Luvlies

Supported by our community, the Luvlies 

TRU LUV's activities are partially funded by a line of care packages available on Patreon.


We luv putting together these packages. <3 


1. TRU LUV Mail Club


If you join the TRU LUV Mail Club, we send you a monthly life-affirming email, from our hearts to yours. 

In each edition, we share what is currently inspiring us and what we're questioning. The message is always honest and topical but optimistic. We find a way. 

We don't believe in positive thinking. We believe in staring deep into the abyss and finding ways forward that are better. This is honest optimism, honest inspiration, and it's how we move forward. Maybe our journey will help you on yours.  

    TRU LUV Mail Club may include thoughts about:

    • life
    • current events
    • pop culture
    • the internet
    • tech
    • makeup
    • games
    • game design
    • player psychology
    • game development
    • inclusivity
    • other learnings from Brie
    • updates and sneak previews of what we're working on!

    “I can't actually put into words how moved I was; I felt calm yet sad & even hopeful about a future full of selfcare, collaboration, and growth.”

    @chelsealouuuu, about Brie's talk about TRU LUV at #MINDTREK2017


    2. TRU LUV Wallpaper Club


    If you join the TRU LUV Wallpaper Club, we send you a monthly life-affirming phone wallpaper.

    It's a little lovely moment for whenever you need to check the time. 


    3. TRU LUV Care Kit


    A TRU LUV Care Kit is a monthly life-affirming care package sent by email.

    Each month's selection is lovingly assembled around a unique theme. Each theme is chosen from somewhere within the intersection of what is happening in the world and what we're currently working on. Each TRU LUV Care Kit contains artifacts that represent TRU LUV's values of care, connection, transcendence, and celebration

    Your requests are welcome. <3

    TRU LUV Care Kits may include:

    • phone wallpapers
    • desktop wallpapers
    • other hi-res illustrations
    • poems
    • short stories
    • branching stories
    • audio recordings of stories from Brie's talks
    • audio recordings of soothing affirmations
    • audio recordings of bedtime stories
    • gentle alarm clock wake-ups
    • instructions for interactive performance art pieces
    • private Twitter accounts to follow
    • and more! 

    4. Tarot LUV


    If you join Tarot LUV, Brie reads your Tarot cards over email once per month. 

    We find that Tarot is very useful for helping us understand the present and understand ourselves, and for helping us imagine a future we want to create. 


    Tarot LUV has limited membership.

    Tarot LUV is for entertainment purposes only.


    5. Book LUV


    Book LUV is TRU LUV's book club.

    Members of Book LUV have access to the Book Luv Slack. Together, we work through Julia Cameron's life-changing book The Artist's Way. We follow Cameron's guidelines.

    This book is fantastic. 

    Book LUV has a limited membership. A new cohort is added every four months. 



    6. The TRU LUV Box


    The TRU LUV Box is a quarterly box of surprise gifts affectionately chosen for you by Brie and sent through postal mail.  

    Like the email Care Kits, each box has a theme combining our response to world events and our current projects. Each box contains a selection of beautiful things that represent TRU LUV's values of care, connection, transcendence, and celebration

    The TRU LUV Box may include:

    • original art
    • signed prints
    • artist collaborations
    • hand-written notes
    • emergency poems and compliments
    • instructions and materials for interactive performance art pieces
    • stamped postcards with instructions for where and what to send
    • puzzles
    • stickers
    • crystals
    • other carefully selected surprises <3