Games of care and characters


Imagine our world as you wish it existed. What would it be like?

Video games can be anything. If you can imagine a world you can program it. Why are we so often making the same things we've already made? Why so shocking, so white, so misogynist, so shallow, so dystopian? 

I know a world I wish existed: A world where all people have real opportunities to develop their unique talents, create culture and design the future. A world built with care, for each other. 

As a step towards this world I created TRU LUV. We're making video games with people who find video games boring. 

Our games are an exploration of the idea that when people from different backgrounds and with different interests work together, they create better things. For each project, we work with someone who finds video games boring to create that person's game: A world formed from their cares, desires, dreams, and joys. A world they wish existed. 

TRU LUV's games are focused on care and characters and are designed to be calming, insightful, or invigorating rather than stressful or addictive. We want you to feel good about playing our games.

We want to make worlds with you. <3


With much luv, 
Brie Code
CEO, Creative Director

  TRU LUV : Games made with luv.

TRU LUV: Games made with luv.